Thursday, January 22, 2015

As soon as the clock strikes 12 on January 1st, it seems like every shop releases their 'back to school' advertisements. The Christmas ads are ditched and instead the whole month of January is spent listening and reading about how school is fast approaching. Well unfortunately that dreaded time has actually arrived- yes school is only a week away....

But fear not my friends even though school isn't as exciting to get back into, I secretly enjoy buying stationary and getting organised for the start of the year. A week before school I usually get my stationary sorted so that one thing I can check off my list :)  This topic is going to be split into a few different posts to talk about what stationary I bought, some back to school tips for the days before and  my must-have school essentials so you too can get slightly more excited and prepared for the new school year- it's going to happen, so we might as well make the most of it...

Before you buy:
The first thing that I tend to start off with is printing off my school stationary list. We usually get them emailed to us but I know that a lot of schools have them on their websites too. Next, I highlight the subjects that I'm taking and what I will need for each subject so that I don't have to spend ages running around like a headless chicken in the shops.

I also check if i already have any of the things on my list so that I'm not buying anything that I don't need. I happened to have a few spare and empty books that I didn't use last year and I also checked for things such as pencils, rubbers, rulers etc.

Lastly, I check the tabloids for any back to school deals in certain shops. I know that a few cents doesn't make a huge difference but if you're buying in bulk for the year (a good idea because everything is reduced) it is definitely worth it to spend a few minutes looking for the cheapest shops.

This year I found that The Warehouse Stationary had to best deals. So here's what I bought...

I tend to go to The Warehouse Stationary for the essentials such as schoolbooks and pencils but I like to buy things such as pencil cases from other stores. I decided to have a browse around Typo and left with a set of pencil cases :) Little things like this add some personality and are worth buying because I use them the whole year.

STATIONARY- Getting organised
Last year I used a binder which I did find quite handy but I have subjects that tend to have A LOT of worksheets and writing down notes so my folder was always heavy and things kept ripping out. This year I decided to give books ago so that I don't have to take everything to school (and we use devices at school so I need to have room for that)

As soon as I've bought my stationary I get down to organising it so I don't have to worry about it anymore.

I start off my naming all my books and writing each subject on them

 Then I label the sides of the books. I find this such a lifesaver if you suck at packing your bag like me (I always bring the wrong books). This means that when you're quickly packing for school the night before (or in the morning) you don't accidentally pack the wrong books.

Also when you have to get your books out of your bag in between classes, you can quickly see which one you need ;)

Next I get everything into my pencil case (labelling your pens is handy too if you tend to lose them)

Finally make sure you have a good place to store your books throughout the year for when you're not using them. This will make sure you don't lose any books and keeps your work space clean! These organisers are also from The Warehouse Stationary. 

I hope you enjoyed hearing about where I buy my stationary, how I organise it and how I slowly start getting ready for school during the last week of the holidays. I do this so it doesn't all add up and your last days of the holidays aren't spent stressing out but enjoying the freedom. Let me know what your favourite store is to buy stationary? Ill be back in a few days with some more back to school buzz....

Enjoy the stationary shopping!
Until next time,

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