Saturday, January 31, 2015

Wait.... what??? Is it the end of January already? 1/12 of the year gone??That dreaded time of the year in NZ where we was the remaining sea salt out of our hair for good and search the piles of shirts in our closet for yes.... our school uniform.

But fear not. I'm sure this past month has come with a truckload of awesome memories to look back on and take with us into the new school year. While you're reminiscing the best flavour ice cream you tried and comparing your tan lines with your best friend, check out some of my favourites of the past month: 

1. Whiritoa Beach
I was fortunate enough to spend New Year's in Whiritoa, a little surfers town 15 minutes away from Whangamata in the Coromandel. Not only was the weather ridiculously nice and the surf incredibly strong (remember to swim between the flags), the beach even closed one afternoon because there was a great white shark swimming around in the bay... eek! However for those who prefer not being swept off their feet by a tonne of salt water (I recommend wearing a full piece swimsuit...), there is also the lagoon at the north end of the beach. The water here is heated up by the sun throughout the morning and when it's full tide at around 2pm it's like a spa bath. There are plenty of swings and ropes hanging from trees around the back of the lagoon which provide pretty entertaining dives/jumps into the water and some quality rope burn to the groin :) It's definitely a stunning place to spend a week during the summer holidays!

2. Surfing
After a recommendation from a friend,  my dad, brother, cousin and I decided to take some surfing lessons in Whangamata. We had an awesome instructor who swam out with each of us to try and catch a wave. The first few tries were interesting and i realised that surfing is definitely a case of ''practice makes perfect''. It's an extremely exhausting sport and after 15 minutes my spaghetti arms refused to lift me up on to my board. However I managed to catch a few waves and even stand up!! It is definitely something I'm going to try again and I recommend everyone giving it a go! 

3.Australian Open

One of the highlights of January was of course the first Grand Slam of the year: the Australian Open.
This is definitely my favourite tournament of the year because all the big seeds come out in their awesome outfits (all hail Serena Williams) to play some stunning matches and I mean who doesn't like watching Novak Djokovic play tennis...

4. Ed Sheeran: a visual journey

My brother actually got this book as a Christmas present and he was kind enough to let me read it this month. The verdict: it's AMAZING! It's full of drawing of Ed Sheeran from when he was a little boy to the awesome musician he is today plus it's all narrated by him too! It really gives a cool insight into his life. 


Of course the month January means stationary sales and shopping! If you're like me and you LOVE all things to do with stationary then I'm sure you'll agree January was super awesome. Check out my blog post that I did last week on all the stationary i bought and how i organised it:

6.Fruit infused water

Auckland has been like a sauna over the past month and by adding fruit to some ice cold water, it makes staying hydrated a little more exciting. Such a great way to stay hydrated and drink some essential vitamins! The drink dispenser was $30 from The Warehouse. 

7. Echosmith

Talking Dreams has been playing non-stop on my iPhone for the past month! I love all of the songs on this album and I can't seem to get enough of it. If you're not familiar with Echosmith, they wrote the hit-song 'Cool Kids'.  A definite recommendation :)

8. Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine Anti-Frizz Serum

I recently cut quite a bit off my hair (well i didn't... haha) and when it's this short it likes to go very frizzy- especially with the humidity during summer. However this product has been such a life saver! As you can see i've already used quite a bit and you're only meant to use a tiny drop (since it's practically oil that you're rubbing into your hair) which just goes to show how much i love it! It smells delicious as well!

9. Essence Soft-Touch Mousse

I first tried this product when I was in Holland during Christmas 2013 and i LOVE IT! So when my cousin came to visit she brought me 4 pots because I live off it. It's been especially good during this summer month because it's got SPF15+ and it's really light. I also use it for school because it evens out your skin tone but makes it seem like you're not wearing any makeup.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my favourites this month- a bit of everything. Have an awesome February and let me know what your favourites were this month? 

Until next time,

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