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Like all teenagers I suffer from pimples, blemishes and skin that constantly changes dependent on the weather. It can really affect your self confidence and sometimes it feels like there is no solution. Over time I have learnt that the best solution is to take good care of your skin. However it can be hard to find a suitable product that doesn't contain harsh chemicals or comes with a load of side effects- because let's be honest, pimples are tough cookies. I have tried a lot of different things over the past couple of years including prescription creams, face masks, cleansers etc. etc. but all of them were either long-term solutions, meaning I would start to see results in 2-3 months or left my skin worse than before...

In 2011, my cousin recommended Dr Hauschka, a line of skin care and cosmetics products made from high quality natural ingredients without any chemical fragrances, colours, preservatives, mineral oils, parabens, silicones and PEG. She recommended that I start off with the Cleansing Milk and the Clarifying Toner to use as a face wash everyday. So I bought the two products and used them the next morning. Hours after I'd washed my face, the redness was gone and my skin appeared smoother and less oily.

4 years later and I can successfully say that I am still using Dr Hauschka products everyday and that I have expanded my collection. I have also had various Dr Hauschka treatments done professionally. My skin isn't fully pimple-free and that's because I am still 16-years-old however the difference then and now is HUGE.  These products were an amazing discovery and that's why I have decided to share my review of the products I have, and the treatments I have had as well as make any recommendations of how I get the best use out of them.

Here are my reviews of some awesome Dr Hauschka products...

Dr Hauschka Cleansing Milk  $49.00
This face wash is awesome as a gentle everyday face cleanser and it leaves the face feeling soft, smooth and pampered. It was the first product I bought and I use this every morning and night to wash off any dirt and grime off my face. It is also suitable as a face and eye makeup remover and has a pleasant scent.
Use: Morning and Night

Dr Hauschka Clarifying Toner $49.00
If you have sensitive or inflamed skin (redness) like me, then this product is awesome! Spray this onto your face after cleaning your face with the Cleansing Milk and gently pat into your skin. It will automatically dry on your skin so be a little bit patient. At night time this will make sure that you wake up with no redness in the morning and in the morning I use it to prepare my face for the Melissa Day Cream. It gives the appearance of fresher and younger skin because it's really hydrating -hence clarifying toner. Recently I have replaced this step with the Intensive Treatment 02 (also a spray) which is a stronger toner I use less of because it's more expensive.
Use: Morning and Night

Dr Hauschka Intensive Cure 02 $110.00
This clarifying toner is great for refining pores and still treating redness and inflamed skin. I use it after the Cleansing Milk using the same instructions as above. I feel like this toner works a lot quicker than the other one and normalises my skin to help prevent pimples from returning! Woo!
Use: Morning and night

Dr Hauschka Melissa Day Cream $49.00
 This is what I use as a moisturiser every day after I have cleansed and clarified my skin. It is for sensitive combination- oily skin, especially in that hated t-zone! It prevents an oily shine, hydrates and does everything that a moisturiser should do! The only tip I have is to make sure your toner has fully dried on your face (won't take too long-approximately 30 seconds) before applying it and to put it on gently.
Use: Morning

Dr Hauschka Cover Stick 02 Beige $39.00
This stick is great as a pimple or blemish concealer. It's meant to reduce the likelihood of scarring and acts as a healing and clarifying aid. I don't use this as my everyday concealer because it has quite a heavy coverage and I tend to wear lighter foundations such as BB creams and mousses which it doesn't blend in with. However it's great for a medium-heavy coverage or underneath a more-intense makeup look.
Use: Morning (dependent on applying makeup)

Dr Hauschka Normalising/Clarifying Day Oil $56.00
I use this product in combination with the Rejuvenating Mask as an emergency red spot or pimple solution. If you don't want to buy the mask then it can also be used with the Melissa Day Cream.  Some people like to use it on it's own however I find that my skin is too oily for me to start rubbing oil into my skin (if you have dry skin it's perfect on it's own) I use 1-2 drops of this mixed with a tiny dollop of the Rejuvenating Mask and rub it into any areas of redness eg. t-zone. I don't use it everyday but it's got this delicious herbally scent and doesn't need to be washed off. It's such a life saver because the redness is gone in almost 5 minutes!
Use: when skin is red and irritated (or every second day as a preventative measure)

Dr Hauschka Revitalising/Rejuvenating Mask $85.00
As mentioned above, the mask can be used in combination with the day oil however it is also awesome on it's own. I like to use it once a week and apply a generous amount to my face after cleansing and toning. Remove it after 20 minutes with a warm, damp cloth for skin that has smaller pores, less redness and a more even skin tone. It is a great mask to use while having a bath and a cup of tea after a long day!
Use: Once or twice a week

Dr Hauschka Clarifying/Facial Steam Bath $59.00 
 I LOVE this steam bath if i've had a stressful week and my skin has suffered. I use this once a week and it opens my pores to get rid of all the dirt and grime! It's got a delicious daisy and hazel scent which makes it pleasant to hang above for 5-10 minutes. Just dilute two tablespoons in 1/2 litre of steaming water in a large bowl. Lean over the bowl and cover you head with a towel. This may look funny but the results are worth it!
Use: Once or twice a week

Dr Hauschka Cleansing/Clarifying Clay Mask $69.00
This mask is really fun to do with a group of friends at a sleepover or when you need some serious skin rescue. It feels super cooling on the skin and deeply cleanses into you pores. Simply blend one sachet with an equal amount of water to form a smooth paste. Apply all over the face (except the eyes of course) and wait for 5-10 minutes before removing with warm water. Already your skin should feel silky smooth!
Use: Once or twice a week

For those of you who live in Auckland, I go to Equipoise Spa in Ponsonby for occasional Dr Hauschka treatments and thats where I buy most of my products. If you want to order any of the things I've mentioned you can phone (09) 378 9696 or visit the spa website Of course Dr Hauschka has a lot of other products available worldwide so if you're interested, have a look here

 Dr Hauschka products are quite pricey because they are made from all natural ingredients so I recommend starting off with a Cleanser and a Toner which is what I used for the first year or so. If you decide that you like the products then you can invest in some more. It is definitely worth the investment because most of the products last me more than a year.

DISCLAIMER: Remember that everyone has a different skin type and that this review is purely of my experience. I cannot guarantee the same reaction to the products. Different skin types may need extra steps or less steps or different products to achieve desired results. The best thing is to ask your beautician, a local spa who specialises in Dr Hauschka or the assistant at the Dr Hauschka make-up station in pharmacies for professional advice.
Also remember that while Dr Hauschka may provide some immediate skin improvements, for the best results, I recommend using the products daily for a length of time, with a balanced diet and plenty of water. A lot of products also work best in combination with each other so keep that in mind too.
Remember I'm not a professional beautician so always read the instructions on the label of the products before use.
All opinions above are my own and all products were either bought by me or received as birthday presents.

Hope you enjoyed the reviews and let me know what your favourite skin care brand is?

Until next time,

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