Monday, January 12, 2015

Every year it's the same story... 'new year, new me'. I am only going to drink water, exercise everyday, get Excellence on every NCEA paper etc. etc.

Looking back at all the New Years resolutions or goals I have set for myself in the past years, I can honestly say that I haven't achieved one of them. Whether it's just me, i'm not sure, but I do know that all of these goals were too broad and looking back at them now... unachievable.

New Year, New Better me
I've decided not to make any resolutions this year but instead set small goals that I believe are easy to achieve on a day to day basis. When you set yourself up with a goal that's unachievable, you will only be disappointed when it doesn't work out. Instead of introducing new things/goals, I'm going to alter things that I am already doing everyday to create a better me, not a new me :)

I know that I can't set all my goals for this year right here and right now so here are some tips that I'm going to use this year:

  • Break it down: Have you got a big goal in mind? Great, now break it down into smaller goals that you can work on everyday. e.g Be more active; walk to school instead of driving. 
  • Achievable: Don't exaggerate, instead build on things e.g Instead of trying to run everyday, run once a week and increase when you feel comfortable. If you already exercise, just add an extra hour or so. 
  • Write goals down: This way you will be reminded or you can alter your goal (yes... we all get caught up in hypes. Watercress soup diet anybody....?)
  • Commit: Make sure someone knows about your goals so you can't slack off e.g join a gym or go running with a friend
  • Do something you enjoy :) If you don't like running, try a team sport

Finally, accept that some of your goals may fail, but don't be afraid to try again!
Let me know what small changes you are planning to make to create a better you and at the end of this year I'll do an update on all the goals I set and which ones worked out and which didn't.

Until next time,

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