Friday, February 13, 2015

I was recently nominated by Rosie Marshall for two blogger awards which is really cool! I think this is such a great way to spread the word about smaller bloggers out there and thank you Rosie for nominating me! If you want to know more about Rosie's awesome travel blog, check it out here!! (click the link) She writes amazing articles about all things to do with travel!

So first things first, you're probably curious as to what these awards are (like i was when i got nominated)......

The Versatile Award
1. Thank the person who gave you the award
2. Include a link to their blog
3. Select 15 blogs/bloggers that you have recently discovered or follow regularly
4. Nominate those bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award
5. Tell the person who you nominated 7 things about yourself

The Liebster Award
1. Acknowledge the person who nominated you and display the award.
2. Answer the 11 questions that the blogger gives you
3. Give 11 random facts about yourself
4. Nominate 11 blogs that you think are deserving of the award
5. Let the bloggers know you have nominated them
6. Give them 11 questions to answer

Rosie's questions....

1.If the world was going to end in 48 hours, what would you do?
I think I would try and spend it with my family and simply spend it at the beach or go out and spend all my money on the first few people I saw on the street so they could do something awesome with it!

2. When did you start blogging and what do you love about it?
I started blogging on the 10th of January 2015 (1 month woo!!) and I love that it's always full of surprises! I try not to plan my posts too much because that way I just simply write about whatever i'm thinking about that day and I love hearing the responses that other people have to my posts! :)

3. Where in the world would you most like to visit?
I would love to go to South-East Asia and experience the local culture and food. I've been to Singapore however it's a very modern city and not as 'rough'.

4. Who is your favourite artist?
This is such a hard one- currently, it would have to be a tie between Eric Clapton, Ed Sheeran and Echosmith however next week it might be completely different!

5. What is your greatest memory?
This would definitely have to be when I went to Disneyland in Paris on my 9th birthday. Being a typical 9 year-old, it was probably the greatest day of my life and it really was magical. 

6. Tea or coffee?
Tea definitely- really not too keen on coffee. My favourite type of tea is 

7. What are your 3 favourite blogs at the moment?
I love,, and (they're all Dutch blogs)

8. What's your favourite cuisine?
Does baking count.....? ;)

9. Do you have any regrets?
This is going to sound very cliche but i honestly believe everything happens for a reason. I try not to spend my time thinking about what I could have done to change something thats happened and while I sometimes wish it didn't happen, it's best to just learn from it because you can't change it. 

10. Do you have a freaky fact?
Not very freaky but did you know that there's more stars in the universe than grains of sand in the world....... wooaaah

11. Have you had a proud moment with your blog?
I was pretty proud of my new blog design that went live recently- i hope you like it too!

So Rosie, here are 11 random things about myself
1. I started blogging on January 10th, 2015
2. I am a triplet and I have 2 brothers.
3. I lived in Holland until I was nine.
4. I have a Jack Russell and he is 17 years old
5. My favourite sport to play is hockey
6. I hate tomatoes
7. I didn't lose any teeth until i was 9.... #weirdchild
8. I secretly read the last page of books because I'm too impatient 
9. I'm obsessed with food shows 
10. I have major OCD when it comes to schoolwork but then there's my closet....-it ain't pretty
11. I'm EXTREMELY ticklish, the thought of someone tickling me already has me on the ground in tears -probably shouldn't have said that haha. 

Blogs I'm nominating 

1. Jordie, Sincerely Jordie (
2. Rebecca, Rebecca Whitfield (
3. Caterina, Kateidoscope (
4. Camille, Coco Cami (
5. Cindy, Cindy's Crafty Craves (
6. Roeshel, DIY showoff (
7. Kristin, Yellow Bliss Road (
8. Sjoukje, Lemon Tierres (
9. Serena, Beautylab (
10. Tara and Larissa (
11. Teske, Teskuh (

My 11 questions
1. When and why did you start blogging?
2. If you could be any celebrity for a day, who would you be?
3. Favourite season?
4. What was the last picture you took on your phone?
5. What is your perfect pizza?
6. What cheers you up?
7. Favourite make-up brand?
8. Highlight of your blogging life so far?
9. Favourite breakfast food?
10. If you could retire tomorrow, what would you do?
11. If you had to be trapped in a tv show, which one would it be?

Thanks again Rosie! I loved doing this and I hope to discover many more awesome blogs. And to all the bloggers i have nominated, enjoy the questions! :)
Until next time,

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  1. Replies
    1. No problem! I love seeing other Dutch blogger's post in English :) your photography is stunning x

  2. Thank you for the nomination! I'm a little upset that I can't nominate you, love reading through your blog! haha!


  3. No problem Rebecca! Your blog is awesome too xx