Saturday, January 10, 2015

You know how that old saying goes, ''you only live once'' or more recently what we refer to as ''YOLO''.  Well I always used to think it was an excuse for people to try whatever they want and get away with it.  So i've decided to use it as my excuse for creating this blog... 

Honestly, i've started this blog for myself. A place where I can write about whatever I'm thinking or have been up to and get feedback. I want this to be a positive place for people to come and read about things that they can relate to.  

I will be posting in both Dutch and English (the 'About me' tab has more info, so check it out!) and I will try an do this for every post. Some posts may be just in Dutch or just in English depending on the content :) Please bare with me as I try to figure out this whole blog thing in the coming months because working with HTML codes is like doing maths in the holidays.... I know right.

Thank you so much for clicking on my first post! Wooo! 
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Until next time, 
(Shout out to Cindy from for showing me how to get my name looking this pretty. Check out her blog!) 

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