Friday, February 27, 2015

It can be a painful procedure, having to throw away your Chanel lipstick or your Benefit mascara after you saved all your money for weeks to be able to afford it. Surely it could last me another few weeks...? Sorry to be the bearer of bad news ladies (or men... you never know) but unfortunately all makeup comes with an expiry date, even the expensive brands. Even though using make-up that's over it's 'expiry date' won't make you sick like expired milk, it can cause breakouts, pimples and skin irritation which I've had had to painfully discover myself. But how do you know when it's time to break-up with your make-up so that you get the best use out of each product? Here are my tips...

Check the label
Some makeup brands actually have an expiry date on the package so make sure that when you buy it you make a note of approximately how long you can use it. However makeup companies aren't required to put expiry dates on their products so sometimes there is no way of knowing how long it can be used.

Look for signs
If you mascara starts going clumpy or your foundation has a layer of oil in it, you definitely know that it's time to chuck it. Look for signs that your makeup is well past it's use-by date. Things to look for include clumping, oil residues, dryness and a change in colour.

Powder, eyeshadow and blush
Use for: 2 years
Common issues: Cracking or flaking
Tip: Invest in a brush shampoo and clean your brushes regularly because clean brushes = longer lasting make-up.

Use for: 6- 12 months
Common issues: Change in colour,(it usually goes lighter) and separation of oils in product.
Tip: Store foundation and concealer in a place where it's not constantly in the sunlight (this pretty much goes for most products) because it will cause a separation in the product and a possible change in colour.

Nail polish
Use for: 1-2 years
Common issues: Dried out or won't come together even with a bit of nail polish remover.
Tip: Storing your make-up in the fridge makes it last longer! And if it's getting lumpy or dry, simply add a small drop of nail polish remover and shake.

Use for: 2-3 months approximately
Common issues: Clumping or a weird smell
Tip: Try not to share mascara as it spreads germs quicker, also be gentle when pulling the brush in and out of the tube because it can cause it can cause it to wear down quicker.

Use for: 8-10 years (seem like ages but my mum has had some of her less-used perfumes for ALOT longer)
Common issues: different smell or colour
Tip: Store in a cool place with little sunlight to prevent expiry

Use for: 2 years
Common issues: Extreme dryness or dew on the lipstick
Tip: Make sure you moisturise your lips before applying lipstick because even if the product is still good, dry lips will have the same effect as an expired lipstick.

Body butters, moisturisers and lotions:
Use for: 2 years
Common issues: liquid separation and change in smell, colour or texture.
Tip: Store in a cool dry place

Basically to sum it all up, use your common sense when it comes to makeup. If anything has changed about the product, be honest and throw it out. It's smart to do regular clean-outs and organising of your makeup so you know that everything is good to use.

Remember I am not a make-up expert by any means but these recommendations are all from personal experience and advice that I have read about in books and magazines! I hope this was helpful :)
Until next time,

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