Saturday, March 07, 2015

Because I've been baking for a few years now, I've come across quite a few tips and tricks along the way. Yes, it's true that baking recipes shouldn't be messed with but there are things that can definitely be done a lot easier. Some of these tricks may seem incredibly weird but they actually work and can save heeaaps of time. So I thought I would share them with you today....

1. Separating egg yolk and egg white using a plastic bottle
This one is a classic and is also quite debatable. it may not necessarily work on your first few go's but once you've got the hang of it, this is a lifesaver! Simply crack your egg in a shallow bowl and place the tip of the plastic bottle on the egg yolk. Then squeeze the bottle and let go. It should suck up you're egg yolk in one go (be careful here because sometimes the egg yolk wants to slip out of the bottle) Lastly, squeeze the bottle again to get the yolk out in one piece! It's pretty cool once you get it!

2. To get the egg shell out of a bowl, wet your finger and place it next to the shell
The shell should gravitate towards your finger and you should be able to get it out no problemo!

3. To keep cookies moist, store them in a container with a piece of apple
The apple will absorb any moisture in the cookies and keep it tastier for much longer!

4. Make multi-coloured icing by putting 2 bags in one tip
This will make your icing just that little bit more exciting!

5. No food colouring, no problem!
Simply use Raro, Jell-O or jelly powder to get the colour that you want.

6. Keep brown sugar soft by storing it with a slice of bread
This will make sure that it doesn't go super hard! If it does, simply microwave for 20 seconds with a paper towel on top. If you don't have bread, you could also use a large marshmallow.

7. Make gluten-free flour!
Just use rolled oats and whizz them in a food processor until they're a fine powder.

8. Healthier cake....
If you don't like using butter or oil in your cake, just use avocado instead! It will give the same consistency and you can't taste the difference!

9. Grate your cookies
If you have burnt biscuits or cookies, just grate the burnt bottom off them and they're perfect to eat again! (use a box grater for the best results)

10. Need a rolling pin?
Just use a lightly-floured wine bottle! Tadaaa!

11. Need a smaller baking tin?
Simply use aluminium foil to act as the side of the tin! This will make your tart any size you want!

12. Ripe bananas
If your bananas aren't rip yet and you want to use them, just put them in the oven for 40 minutes at 180'C

13. D.I.Y muffin cases
Don't have a muffin tin? Use cupcake cases on the top of mason jar lids to make sure they get the perfect shape!

14. Perfect muffin shape
Use an ice-cream scoop thats been sprayed in cooking oil!

15. Easy melted butter

Don't bother using the microwave! Just put your butter under a warm glass!

16. Ready to go cookie dough
Freeze your cookie dough in ice cube trays and they will be the perfect size for when you want to bake them!

17. Cookie bowls
Make cookie bowls by turning over a cupcake tin and baking your cookies like that! Genius!

I could probably go on for a little while but I think these hacks will keep you going for a while! Let me know what you think and if you try out any of these hacks! Happy baking everyone!
Until next time,

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