Sunday, March 08, 2015

Even though we are a few days into March already, another end of the month means another favourites post. I seriously cannot believe how fast this year is going. I say this every year but 2015 is flying by so be sure to make the most of everyday!

Here are my favourites for February:

1. Athletics Day
I'm sure most schools in New Zealand have athletics day during February and i'm sure most people will agree with me that its always an awesome day! At my school everyone dresses up in their house colours, brings their picnic blankets and has a fun day competing for house points. Of course I wore green because I'm in Europe...

2. Sandal flats
I have been living in my sandals this month! These ones are especially great because they look great with jeans for when it's a little bit chillier outside but you don't want to wear closed shoes! These sandals are from Rubi shoes and they were $7.99. Such a bargain!

3. VSCO cam
Earlier this month I bought an app from the app store because i wasn't fully satisfied with the iPhone camera. VSCO cam is an app that allows you to take pictures and edit them just like your iPhone camera except there are much better contrast and focus points. Being a bit of a photography dummy, I think this app is really helpful!

4. Muesli 
I tend to be quite boring when it comes to breakfast so in February I challenged myself to get a bit more creative and try some new things. This month I've been loving homemade muesli! You just go to the supermarket and use a base of oats and pick out dried fruits, nuts etc. you can be as extravagant as you like! And it means that you're never bored :)

5. Cricket World Cup

In February, the cricket world cup started in New Zealand! I have been loving the fact that cricket games are on my doorstep and that i can spend my whole weekends watching cricket! GO BLACKCAPS! Yesterday, I even got to experience a game myself. Pretty awesome!

6. Title- Meghan Trainor
The album that has been playing non-stop on my iPhone this month is Title by Meghan Trainer. Her songs are so awesome to work out to or listen to on the way to school. They're nice and upbeat and make you feel suuper energised. My favourite song would have to be Lips Are Movin.
 7. Babylips
This is quite an old favourite but I really couldn't do without my trusted Babylips.  February has been quite windy but humid in Auckland so I make sure to keep one with me everywhere I go- schoolbag, car, pocket, wallet etc. They smell so nice that I wish they were edible haha :)

Hope you enjoyed my favourite from February! Have an awesome March and if you live in Europe, this means you're one month closer to summer- yaaaay!

Until next time,

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