Wednesday, April 08, 2015

So recently my history teacher announced that our history class has the chance to travel to Vietnam in April next year! Hearing and thinking about this awesome opportunity made me think of how much I love travelling and what the things are that I love so much! So I decided to make a list (you guys know I love lists)

I have been fortunate enough to travel to a few countries in my 16 years of being on this earth and of course being from Holland I have spent a lot of time in aircrafts and at various airports.

So here goes:

1. Eating out
Not only do I LOVE food, I love it even more when I get to try new things (especially if it's baking related) and i like to think I'm not a very picky eater (the only thing I can't stand is tomatoes- does that make me picky?). The perks of travelling include being able to try new food almost everywhere you go because you've never been there before. Even living in Auckland (or wherever you are) you still discover new places everyday, right? In an unknown city, there is a hidden gem in almost every corner and I love nothing more than spending the whole day searching for the perfect spot for breakfast, lunch and dinner! It's super exciting when you find a beautiful, quaint and little place or a trendy, busy and modern eatery and I never spend anytime feeling guilty about anything I eat! I savour it all!

2. Flying
Some people hate flying. They can't stand airplanes, airport and the bustle of them. I have to disagree when it comes that part of travelling because I think there is nothing more exciting than flying! The nostalgia I get when I walk into an airport is just awesome and I wish I could do it everyday!

3. Being a tourist
One thing I love about visiting another country is the excuse of being able to whip out your camera at the sight of a chicken crossing the road or taking a selfie next to every monument. I am such a typical tourist and I love it! I will buy souvenirs (keychains, bags etc.), take the hop on, hop off bus, go to all the famous sights and walk around with a giant map. There's nothing bad about being a tourist because it definitely allows you to get the full (commercial haha) experience.

4. Exploring history
Other than spending my days in the visitors centre, I will gladly just walk around amongst the locals. This way you can fully embrace what the culture is all about! Monuments are my absolute favourite part of sight-seeing because they really help you to understand a country's beliefs or religion.

5. Packing
I absolutely love the days leading up to a trip! You get yourself organised, you buy some last minute necessities and it just makes the trip last even longer in my opinion! It's exciting to get all of your things into one suitcase and take them with you around the world. But of course don't forget to leave some room to take some new things back!

I am super excited to be going to Vietnam next year and I will definitely blog about it once the time comes around. Keep on the lookout for some travel-related posts in the upcoming months as I get prepared and excited about the trip!
Let me know in the comments what trips have you got planned?

Until next time,

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