Saturday, June 13, 2015

This past week I had my mid-year exams and although these are considered the 'easy' exams, I still found myself sweating over them. It can be quite hard to manage and balance all the things you have going on in everyday life and when exams approach, it can just all be too much at times.

I find that especially when I'm stressed, I don't get things done as quickly or as efficiently as I could because I spend a lot of time worrying. So today I've put together all of the things that I find helpful when you feel the stress of exams getting to you...

1. Plan out your life
Im going to be honest and say that I'm not an extremely organised person. I don't tend to write everything down in my dairy, only bigger things that I have to remember, however when it comes to exam time I usually plan out that week or the weeks surrounding that week. I write down exactly what activities I have on and how many hours I'm going to study for each subject. This way you can keep yourself on track and don't just blindly start studying. It also feels really satisfying when you've completed everything you planned. Just a tip: be REALISTIC. Don't say you're going to study for 3 hours straight for physics when you know you won't....

2. Plan 'me' time
While you take the time to plan out your study time, make sure to plan enough breaks for yourself. Don't study the whole day because your concentration and focus just won't stay. Give yourself time to have a nice lunch, go for a walk or do something completely different. That way when you go back to studying, you're more motivated to continue.

3. Take care of yourself
I find that during exams it is super important to be extra nice to yourself. Make sure you go to bed earlier and sleep well. It's even harder to study when you're tired.

4.Eat and drink well
Nothing is better at getting you through study when you know you have a delicious treat waiting. Also remember to drink heaps of water as this keeps you focussed.

5.Make a worry-list
Got stuff you are worrying about? Write it down! This way you know what is on your mind and you can get rid of it somewhere. If you're feeling especially 'worry-ful' you could even throw away the list you made as a way to let go of the worries. Sound philosophical right....

These are just some of the things that help me get through exam stress. Just remember that a bit of effort now will mean you get greater results later on and thats why taking care of yourself is especially important. You have to sit the exam after all. If you've got exams coming up soon or later, I wish you all the best. You can do it!

Until next time,

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