Monday, June 01, 2015

A few weeks ago my school performed our production: Grease! The show was a hit and while I am glad to have my life back after months of rehearsals, I definitely miss the awesome cast that I got to perform with!

Since this has been taking up my life the past few weeks (and preventing me from writing blog posts!), here are some snapshots of the performance and what we were getting up to...

Danny (Luke Peterson) and Sandy (Lauren Hunter) at the drive in.
The entire cast and crew behind the scenes
Frenchie (Abby Ogram) and Teen Angel (Genesis S'ua-Tariau) in 'Beauty School Drop Out'
Kenickie (Max Peterson) in 'Greased Lightning'
Pink Ladies and T-Birds at the Burger Palace
''Beauty School Drop Out''
I hope you enjoyed seeing some of these snapshots of our school production! Remember to follow me on instagram @sophieandsofie and subscribe to my blog for regular blog posts.

Until next time,

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