Sunday, July 12, 2015

Winter months can sometimes get me into a bit of a dip, especially here in New Zealand where it doesn't really snow and it constantly seems to drizzle. But before we all get into a post-summer depression, just remember that winter isn't all that bad. Here are some reasons to love winter...

1. Candles
You could really burn candles anytime of year but there's no better feeling (and smell) than lighting your candles at 5pm and letting them burn until you go to sleep.

2. Tea
Winter time means getting out my tea stash and making hundreds of cups of steaming-hot goodness. Check out my post on the best tea's for winter HERE!

3. Fluffy socks
Nothing is better than the feeling of warmth around your toes- especially if the socks look good!

4. Oversized jumpers
It's like wearing a blanket with sleeves, i say YES!

5. Cosy nights in
Now that New Zealand has Netflix (free for the first 6 months for Apple TV! Yay!)

6. Winter jackets
Beautiful coats and warm jacket are what it all about this winter! So don't be afraid to snuggle up. Here are some of my favourite websites to online shop for that perfect coat;

Until next time,

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