Tuesday, August 11, 2015

If you're anything like me then you know how easy it is to get caught watching hours and hours of YouTube video's thanks to all of the people who make super awesome videos everyday. I'm sure you have a few regulars that you just can't get enough of and today I'm going to share who my favourite YouTuber's are.....

Ingrid Nilsen 
Ingrid, also known as MissGlamorazzi, was the FIRST YouTuber that I got completely addicted to waaay back in 2011. She makes beauty and lifestyle video's and uploads regular hauls, tutorials, tips, recipes etc. I have loved seeing her grow over the past few years and her videos today are of extremely high quality and so carefully edited and crafted, they're just beautiful. Not only does she have over 3 million subscribers today, she is also an ambassador for Covergirl and was a judge on Project Runway: Kids. You go Ingrid!

My favourite video: 

Fleur De Force

Fleur is a British YouTuber who also makes video's about beauty. What I love about her video's is that she is a super genuine and down-to-earth person and she comes across as one of my friends on screen. She also recently announced that she is launching her own cosmetics line and she had just released her own false eyelash line which is absolutely gorgeous. On top of that she released a book this year called The Glam Guide. I can't wait to see what else she has in store for all of her viewers!

My favourite video:


Mascha is a Dutch beautyguru and one of the first dutch YouTuber's to start making beauty video's when she began approximately 6-7 years ago. Her video's are super original and they range from DIY's to make-up tutorials and everything in between. Next to that, she vlogs EVERYDAY on her vlog channel Vloggloss where she shares everything that happens in her daily life on camera. She's a super inspirational woman with such a genuine and bubbly personality. She's awesome!

My favourite video: 

Joey Graceffa

Joey is absolutely hilarious! I love his video's and i have been a proud watcher of them since 2012. I love that he is super eccentric but such a down-to-earth guy with the BEST hair ever. The best thing about his channel is that he makes a range of video's that include pranks, music videos and challenges. I'm always super excited about what his next video is going to be and I'm sure his 5 MILLION subscribers will agree.

My favourite video: 

As you can see I tend to favour beauty video's but don't get me wrong, I have so many YouTubers that I follow which do challenges, are singers or create recipes too. These YouTuber's are the ones that just continue to upload amazing video's and their subscriber numbers are proof of that. Nonetheless, I also enjoy watching up and coming YouTubers with as little as 100 subscribers as long as their video's are genuine and awesome!

I hope you enjoyed seeing who my favourite YouTuber's are and don't forget to follow my blog and my instagram for regular posts! Also, let me know who your favourite YouTuber's are? 

Until next time,

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