Saturday, July 23, 2016

It's been a while I know and I feel bad that I've kind of let my creative outlet slip away for the past couple of months. I'm not going to name my usual excuse and say it's because I've been busy or because of other committment's etc. Its simply because I haven't had the urge to write or because I felt like I should or had to. And then this morning I just woke with a sudden urge to empty my thoughts to people I probably don't even know and the idea of doing so felt strangely comforting.

So here I am, tapping away at my keyboard unloading something which I hope will give you the same feeling and inspiration. However, before this morning's thought of ''okay Sophie, lets get out of bed and actually do something with this two week holiday of which you only have 2 days left'', I spent a good couple of hours scrolling through Instagram as a way to inspire myself because don't we all look at Jay Alvarrez and Alexis Ren's life and think GOALS. Well it so happens that I was doing the exact same thing last week and came across the inspiration for my 18th birthday cake. Fast-forward a few days and ta-da!,  I did it with the help of my fab friend Megan. So because I couldn't resist not sharing this recipe with you I decided I'd let you in on how to make this SCRUMPTIOUS cake. Enjoy!

Okay so basically because I'm lazy (and because it would have taken FOREVER) I bought 4 packets of cake mix from the supermarket, including 2 vanilla butter cakes and 2 chocolate cakes and followed the instructions on the back of the packets. Normally I'm not a fan of cake mix but these cakes turned out surprisingly well and it's a lot easier when making such a large amount of cake (keep in mind I was trying to feed 40 people using this cake. I know I'm a little bit crazy) Now I made these cakes the night before I was going to decorate them so that they were completely cooled and this is pretty important because you don't want all of the icing to slide off. Anyway, I combined the 2 cake mixes of each type of cake to make 2 big ones that I would slice in half the next day, essentially creating 4 separate cakes (You may be asking, why didn't you just make 4 cakes?, well because if you slice two of them in half then the layers are more likely to be even) My tip for stacking the cakes: use three wooden skewers to hold the cake upright by sticking them into the cake from the top and measuring out how long they should be. 

Right, so this is the fun part! The next day Megan and I headed to the supermarket to buy as many different types of chocolate that we could find and it was glorious. We then made a caramel buttercream of which the recipe you can find here and a chocolate ganache for which you simply melt equal parts of cream to equal parts of melting chocolate in a saucepan till everything is dissolved before letting it cool to a consistency that will let you pour it over the cake nicely. Remember to put the caramel buttercream in between each cake layer AND on the outside (yes, this recipe requires a hell of a lot of icing whoop!) as well as letting the cake set in the fridge when you've put on the icing and again when you've spread over the ganache. My tip for the ganache: start on the outsides and let it drip over the sides before filling the top. 

And then you can go crazy with the chocolate decorations! We got Ferrero Rochers, Kitkats, Maltesers, Mars Bars etc. etc. etc. and it's pretty hard to go wrong with any of these ingredients. If you want to be all artsy then use instagram for inspiration or simply rely on you own decorating skills because I can guarantee you chocolate always looks good on cake. And that's it! Go as crazy as you want and don't be scared because this is an awesome cake and people will love you for it. Can't wait to see how it goes :)

Until next time,

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  1. Omg this cake looks so delicious

  2. Thanks so much! It's so easy too :)

    Sophie x